Dawn on the Danube

70x90 cm
Jan 2014
.75” wrapped canvas

Artist Statement

There is a quote that I read a couple of years ago describing that “the dawn of day, (is) when we may be said to see and not to see.” (from the ‘The Travels of Marco Polo’) I feel that this quote describes what I was trying to capture in this painting. The painting was inspired by a moment in my life, on a river cruise on the Danube, where I had just woken up and pulled back part of the curtain on my cabin window. It was still quite dark, but the sky was starting to lighten in the east, and it reflected on the water as we glided along. It was going to be a full and exciting day, and the light of dawn represented the promise of a memorable and life-changing day to come. I have also included here a photo of the painting in progress.