Morning Mist (near Wertheim)

24 x 36”
March 2017
1.5″ wrapped canvas

Artist Statement

The main theme of this painting is Peace. The composition could symbolize the seeking for inner peace, such as a longing for harmony and tranquility and stillness. Or it could represent the longing for outward peace, where the world is green and quiet and still, and without war, hatred or violence.

The composition was inspired by a photo taken when I was on a river cruise in Europe. The scene is on the Main River near Wertheim in Germany. The painting includes quiet waters, trees lining the water’s edge, and an early morning mist that will soon burn off when the sun gets warmer. The close trees are large, soft, warm, reassuring shapes, and the colors of the composition are cool and quiet. The combination of these features are a guaranteed recipe for a peaceful scene!